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On difficult children

November 9, 2017


When I drew this cartoon, I started to wonder what other parents had to say on the subject of "difficult" children.  Over at Popsugar, Katherine Stahl wonders what a normal level of difficult is and thinks that most kids are probably pretty tough to handle. But she concludes that after a certain length of time parents just tend to forget the awful bits and remember the great stuff. So, give it long enough, and you will think your kids were fantastic.  


This is sounding a bit like childbirth. Just as we go into labour there is the awful realisation that not only is the next day going to be really horrid, but that somehow this fact has completely escaped you until this precise moment.  Your memory has ambushed you.  Then you get to wonder through agonising contractions, rather hilariously, "how did I let this happen again? Am I thick or something?" (Anyway thank heavens for epidurals and handy tip to any budding scientist, you will almost certainly win the Nobel Prize if you figure a way it to give one to a woman as soon as she is in pain and not make her wait hours until she is sufficiently dilated.) 


But I digress. Can this memory loss be an accident? I think not.  It's as if evolution has programmed us to forget the bad bits.  Parents who remember too much horror will therefore procreate less often, thus leaving fewer similarly programmed offspring in the gene pool.  


Evolutionary theory is not much help to you at all if you happen to still be in the thick of parenting hell. 


If so, this cartoon is very much dedicated to you. 



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