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How to throw the perfect picnic with children

May 18, 2017

With summer rapidly approaching many parents will be thinking longingly about long and lazy summer afternoons with wicker baskets full of goodies and a lovely blanket spread out under warm sunshine. I'm here to suggest you cut that romanticised clap trap right out now for your own sanity. That was how your cool, pre-child life would have gone down, possibly along with the unguilty consumption of too-much alcohol. 


A picnic with your current life is going to look far more like the illustration below. And if you happen to live in Britain or Ireland, there is also the added bonus of a torrential downpour to add glamour and joy to any outdoor excursion with small ones. So my top ten tips: Don't go (x10).


Maybe I'm just a misery. After all, we can't all stay at home all weekend in our PJs watching television and scrolling through social media. Go forth! Venture out into the wilderness with children, sunhats, sunscreen etc etc etc. Perhaps good fortune will smile on you and, for once, there will not be tears before bedtime. 







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