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Getting shirty

February 1, 2017

So there was some debate at home about the best caption for this cartoon. I put it to a poll of friends and this one won.  (My less funny caption had been "hahahaha" not really.)


After reading this someone mentioned that my husband should buy his own shirts. He does.  He also buys the shirts for the children. I tweak the dialog sometimes to make it funnier than real life.


It turns out that people are pretty long-winded in everyday conversation. Although most of the cartoons are based on real life events, sometimes I make up the situations entirely. Why? Because it is funny. 


Inspiration can strike anywhere. Earlier I was rummaging in my bag and an image popped into my mind of three mothers having lunch and one of them wants a pen and each of them turns out an array of child-related nonsense. Something we would all recognise.. that feeling that one is a walking garbage can.




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