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You asked for it

December 22, 2016

I've been wondering what to say about the new blog. It is new. It is a blog.


Oh, yes... it will have cartoons on it. They are all inspired by life--mostly family life. Turns out the real thing is funnier than anything I could have invented before I had children. 


To friends and family who have been nagging me to do this for over a year, here you are. In return please read and share these cartoons with other parents--particularly those who need cheering up. More importantly, please also find The Usual Breakfast on Facebook (link on the right) and Instagram and spread the word. Readers can also subscribe to this blog using the form on this page. 


Oh, one last thing before I go. I should explain why is is called "The Usual Breakfast". It is a little joke directed at parents. Because it turns out there is not such thing as the usual breakfast, certainly not in our universe. Just like family life as it happens. Sort of the same but completely different, every day. Sometimes it will have strawberries on it. On other days there will be downright hysteria if the weetabix is missing. New day, new curveball. 



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